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Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) Course 2 PLUS - VIRTUAL & ETOWN - Lisa Riggs (2023-24)
11/1/2023 - 3/22/2024
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Event Description
Are you ready to grow your knowledge about students' mathematical development? Continue your professional journey with AVMR Course 2 PLUS to learn assessments and strategies for advancing students' understanding of place value and multiplicative reasoning. Learn the power of mental math for developing number sense!  

*This course has a prerequisite: Participants must complete Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) Course 1 before taking Add+VantageMR®(AVMR) Course 2.   

COURSE TITLE: Add+VantageMR® (AVMR) Course 2 PLUS


Learn assessments and teaching strategies for advancing students’ foundational knowledge in place value and multiplication & division.
Please note: This course is open to KY Educators only. 

* Participants will receive an AVMR® Course 2 kit and complete Add+Vantage MR®  Course 2 developed by the US Math Recovery Council (link: ) through 8 virtual sessions with a KCM Regional Consultant.
* In addition, participants will receive supplemental materials, an in-person bonus day to extend the learning, and support in using KCM developed resources such as the Kentucky Numeracy Project Intervention (KNPI) Guide.
* Participants MUST attend all 8 virtual sessions and complete all assigned course work in order to earn AVMR 2 certification. Sessions are live and interactive ZOOM meetings. They are not recorded to be watched at any other time. Please review course schedule carefully to ensure you can attend all sessions as scheduled.   

COST: $600 per participant (For KY Educators only) 

AVMR COURSE 2 - 2023-2024 SCHEDULE: 
* This course meets on 4 Wednesdays and 5 Fridays starting in November 2023 and ending in March 2024.  
* 8 VIRTUAL 2-hour sessions will meet via ZOOM. Please note: Each 2-hour session includes 1-hour of required asynchronous work.  
* 1 IN-PERSON day at the end of the course will meet in Elizabethtown, Kentucky - (Hilton Garden Inn, 203 Commerce Dr) 

1. Wednesday, November 1, 2023: 12 - 2 pm Eastern 
2. Friday, November 3, 2023: 12 - 2 pm Eastern 
3. Wednesday, December 6, 2023: 12 - 2 pm Eastern 
4. Friday, December 8, 2023: 12 - 2 pm Eastern 
5. Wednesday, January 17, 2024:12 - 2 pm Eastern 
6. Friday, January 19, 2024: 12 - 2 pm Eastern  
7. Wednesday, February 7, 2024: 12 - 2 pm Eastern 
8. Friday, February 9, 2024: 12 - 2 pm Eastern 
9. Friday, March 22, 2024: 9 am - 4 pm Eastern (In-person in Elizabethtown, KY - Hilton Garden Inn, 203 Commerce Dr.) 

Registration closes on Wednesday, September 20, 2023 to allow 6 weeks to order the AVMR 2 kits required. Participants must register by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, September 20, in order to attend.

Registration limit for this course is 20 participants. Once that limit is reached, the KCM will be unable to accept any additional participants. 

Because participants might register during the 2022-23 fiscal school year, but this course meets during the 2023-24 fiscal school year, the KCM can change the date on any invoice to July 3, 2023 if needed. Please email the KCM at or call us at 859-572-7690 if you need that change made.  

The $600 registration fee is non-refundable once materials are ordered. If you register and then become unable to attend for any reason, your school or district may send someone else to attend in your place, keeping in mind that the same person must attend all 8 virtual sessions  Regardless of whether or not a replacement is sent, the course invoice will still need to be paid. 

Information regarding Purchase Orders and KCM Invoices:
* You may register for any KCM course without a PO; however, please note that many Kentucky school districts require you obtain a PO before they will pay the invoice. Please obtain a PO if one is required by your school or district.
* Only the registered participant will be emailed a copy of the course invoice. It is the participant's responsibility to forward that invoice on to the appropriate person at their school or district for payment.
* Participants may ask that a copy of their invoice be emailed to another email address; contact the KCM at 859-572-7690 or 
* KCM Invoices are not mailed. 
* Payment is greatly appreciated prior to the course start date, and must be paid as soon as the course is finished.